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Tarot Readings in the Scottish Borders

Tarot card readings

Card readings on request to groups or individuals. 
  1. 3 cards give past present & future
  2. 5 cards show what you can see, what you don't see, what you can change, what you can't change & what to expect.
  3. a 6 card reading which gives past present & future with 2 cards in each category
  4. 10 card Pyramid of Identity is a useful base if you haven't had your cards done before as it illustrates the building blocks of your own personality & how you are likely to deal with things.
  5. 10 card Celtic Cross - a divination of the base of the matter, the recent past & likely future as well as how things will pan out eventually.
  6. 20 card spread with distinct timelines of 1 month, 2-3 months, 4-5 months, & 6 months ahead with an overall perspective & objective, outlook & advice.
  7. 2 yes/no formats for those direct questions you wish to know a direct answer to. Both of these involve all or most of the cards but don t worry - neither will cost 72!
Total confidentiality ensured for all material discussed in readings.


Card readings can be arranged for individuals or groups privately. information on public fixtures coming soon.

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